Russian firm to give crypto tokens as reward to employees

 Russian online firm will distribute about 50 per cent of the total profits for reward programmers, with each token valued at around 0.001 percent of the net profit. The program is expected to go live from the third or fourth quarter of this year.

A second token will be used for voting rights to decide the distribution of the tokens amongst the employees. Different department heads will have varying amounts of voting tokens, as per their status and position in the company. They will then use these tokens to decide the exact allocation of bonus among the other staff.

As per the report, the company plans to expand the programmed in future and has decided to give a voting coupon to the employees as well. The employees will get to vote on the management decisions, which they can use to vote for hiring and firing. They will also get to vote on the performance of their co-workers, with better performers getting rewarded with more tokens.

The tokens are based on ethereum's ERC-721 standard and are built on the Mate chain platform. The platform will be suitable for incentivizing the employees as many Russian companies are already familiar with it.

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